About the Beaver Brook Road
The Beaver Brook Road (BBR) is a privately owned roadway used and maintained by the Seven Islands logging company. Autumn on the Beaver Brook RoadWhile Seven Islands has the ability to prevent patrons from accessing their roadway and land, they have graciously kept the BBR and its tributaries open to the public 365 days a year.

Located between Perham and Portage, Maine, the BBR and its surrounding area is named after a relatively small waterway which the road crosses at only one point, this waterway is called Beaver Brook. The Beaver Brook Road itself is roughly 17 miles in length, but contains many hundreds of miles of one-lane offshoots that meander into the wilderness.

While most would think that the wooded area owned by one of the largest logging companies in the nation would be the last place you would find thriving wildlife and majestic natural beauty - you would find that nature and natural beauty is not only present, but it is flourishing.

In Beaver Brook you'll find many different species of fish, including brook trout and landlocked salmon. The surrounding area is inhabited by an abundance of wildlife including moose, whitetail deer, black bear, snowshoe hare, and ruffed grouse.
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